Hi All!

Assalamualaikum WBT and Good Day To All My Friends And Viewers Out There,

Thank you for spending some time browsing my blog . FYI, I'm clearing out my wardrobe and my kids' as well, and not forgotten my house. Hence, there are tons of my personal belongings will be uploaded SOON but due to the time constraint, it will take some time to upload. One more thing is that I am selling all those things not for business purpose :)

If you think that the price is quite pricy for second-hand item, please silently ignore my blog as I only sell things that I would be happy to receive myself. Last but not least, before placing any order, please read Terms & Conditions thoroughly.

So, STAY TUNE and thanks for your patience throughout the uploading process.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Assalamualaikum and Good Day To All,

Lama dah tak upload new badge sedangkan banyak lagi untuk di 'let go', tambahan pula at this moment dah takder assistant nak tolong maintain blog LovePreloved2011 nie...hehehe

So, I've decided to create an FB page to list new items. Now, in the process of transferring all the AVAILABE items and perhaps new badge will be COMING SOON. Sorry for the very long delay. I found that FB is easier to maintain and to upload new items compared than blog.

Kindly LIKE the following page okay....LovePreloved2011 Till then...TAKE CARE EVERYONE! :D