Hi All!

Assalamualaikum WBT and Good Day To All My Friends And Viewers Out There,

Thank you for spending some time browsing my blog . FYI, I'm clearing out my wardrobe and my kids' as well, and not forgotten my house. Hence, there are tons of my personal belongings will be uploaded SOON but due to the time constraint, it will take some time to upload. One more thing is that I am selling all those things not for business purpose :)

If you think that the price is quite pricy for second-hand item, please silently ignore my blog as I only sell things that I would be happy to receive myself. Last but not least, before placing any order, please read Terms & Conditions thoroughly.

So, STAY TUNE and thanks for your patience throughout the uploading process.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Farah Kurung Collection

As salam semua,

Sudi-sudilah add profile Farah Kurung Collection di Facebook untuk mendapatkan baju kurung moden yang sangat elegen dan bergaya yang dijual pada harga yang sangat berpatutan. Design- design yang kami tawarkan sangat menawan dan yang penting 'up-to-date'..hehehe...

Mai la membeli sebelum terlewat..selalunya weekly update untuk stok-stok terbaru yang sentiasa SOLD OUT...design yang PANAS!PANAS!..:D

Raya pun tak lama lagi! Boleh la mula mengumpul koleksi untuk dipakai di pagi Syawal nanti...Beli jangan tak beli....ehehehe